As a pet owner, you will likely be faced with the decision of whether or not to spay or neuter your pet.

The “Why?” may be obvious. The U.S. is currently experiencing overpopulation of animals in shelters, many of which are unwanted or unplanned offspring of pets that already have homes. According to the Humane Society of the United States, “about 2.4 million healthy, adoptable cats and dogs—about one every 13 seconds—are put down in U.S. shelters each year.” By spaying and neutering your pets, you help to decrease these numbers by decreasing the number of pets that go without finding homes. Also, spaying and neutering a pet can have important benefits to your pet’s health.

Another question that needs to be answered is “When?” There is much conflicting information regarding the best time to spay or neuter a pet. It is a question that we get asked on a daily basis. Some pet owners simply do not know when the best time is to spay or neuter.

For female dogs and cats, we recommend getting them spayed between 4 and 6 months. By spaying your female pet before their first heat, you can greatly reduce their risk of developing mammary tumors in the future. Even if you have missed that 4 to 6 month mark, it is important to spay your dog as soon as possible to keep her from developing pyometra, which is a serious uterine infection that affects around 20% of unaltered females.

Male dogs and cats can be neutered as early as 8 weeks of age. Neutering a male pet will virtually eliminate the risk of any future development of prostate issues. Neutering cats can help to reduce the risk of testicular cancer. Neutering also decreases risks posed by venereal (sexually transmitted) diseases and has the added benefit of reducing unwanted behaviors in male pets such as aggression and spraying.

With the benefits that spaying and neutering has from a societal standpoint as well as a medical one, there is very little doubt that it is the best way to care for the future health of your pet as well as countless others.

However, we recognize that there is one major concern that some pet owners may have when it comes to spaying and neutering and that is with the procedure itself. Some have fears regarding anesthesia or surgical intervention in general. Rest assured that while no procedure is without its risks, spays and neuters are relatively very safe with minimal recovery time.

We offer spays and neuters at great prices and even better effectiveness and safety standards. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to email us anytime or to call us during business hours. Also, remember that we offer packages for new pet owners that includes a discounted price on spays and neuters.

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